ABOUT US — Mink Eyelash Vendors

KINGSTARLASHES is the top manufacturer and supplier of mink eyelashes. With rapid delivery, quality products and complete after-sales services,KINGSTARLASHES Lasheswins support and reliance from thousands of enterprises, and it has became a well-known supplier in handling mink eyelashes . We will pay more effort in designing and innovating new product so as to attract more customers.

In the past few years, many customers require us to improve the quality and develop new design of our products. Besides, some of them asked us to make our products to the highest level in the market. In this way, our customers will be more competitive and keep an invincible position in this competitive market.

Why can’t we wholesale the cheap eyelash products (poor quality products)?

1.The sample you buy for the first time may not as the same quality as the products you bought in bulk!

2.The style of sample you buy may be quite different from the one you buy in bulk!

3.You buy cheap eyelashes, the pedicles are very hard, when your customer wears it, just like wearing a wire, I believe he will not buy your product again.

4.Because the price is low, the eyelashes you buy are asymmetrical, the supplier will not pick out the defective products at all, and sell them to you with the original one!

5.The end and the root of the eyelashes that you buy are inconsistent, when wearing, it is not very unattractive!

6.The eyelashes you buy will fall because they are made of cheap glue.

7.The eyelashes you buy smell chemical, this is the smell of perm, which is carcinogenic.

8.The products you buy are made by hand and semi-automatic machines, it can make more than 100 pairs a day. We are purely manual, and can only do 10 pairs a day. What do you think is the difference between making 100 pairs of products and making 10 pairs of products in one day?

Of course, the above product defects will not have these phenomena, because we have been revised in two years. If we correct these factors, then our cost is several times higher than the low-quality eyelash products, it is be decent!

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